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Using the Import Wizard to Migrate Jobs & Templates

Applies to PlanSwift and newer

Like previous major releases, PlanSwift 11 installs to a new directory and doesn’t replace or upgrade any older software versions. A new directory means your existing jobs and templates are not immediately available in the new version. In the past, you were instructed to copy over your jobs and templates folders using Windows Explorer. However, in PlanSwift 11, we automatically launch the Import Jobs and Templates utility, built-into PlanSwift, that’ll help you pull-in data and templates from your oldest previous version of PlanSwift (for example, if you have PS9 and PS10 installed, the Import Wizard will pick up PS9 only, to import from PS10, you must uninstall PlanSwift 9 first). The Import Wizard allows you to pick-and-choose just what you want to migrate over, instead of pulling over old, unnecessary jobs and templates.

You can skip the Import Wizard and simply copy and paste your Jobs and Templates folders from your previous version of PlanSwift into the PlanSwift11 folder (overwrite what’s there) to bring all your old data into PlanSwift quickly. See .

Here’s a video on Importing Jobs and Templates:

Automatic Launch of Import Wizard

PlanSwift 11 automatically checks for existing software versions when you first open and activate the product. If it detects one, you’ll see a prompt that opens the Import Jobs, Templates, Settings, and Database utility.

PS11 Previous Version Detected pop-up

Before you click Yes or No…

Does your Company use Network Storage?

Using the Import Wizard

The Import Wizard…

Import Wizard Welcome screen
  • Click Next

In this screen, PlanSwift 11 shows you the previous version from which you can import Jobs and Templates. Remember, PlanSwift 11 only shows the oldest installed version, so if you upgraded from PS8 or PS9 to PS10, to see your PS10 data, you must uninstall PS8 and/or PS9.

Within each section are checkmarks to the left of each item from the previous versions you can import and drop-down menus on the right to select where you want those items to go.

You can import everything in one go or run the utility several times if you’d prefer.

  • Select the stores you want to import from and where you want to import to.

  • Click Next

The Jobs to Import screen displays…

Every Job in the previous version is shown in this screen. We recommend you only import those jobs you are working on actively. Leave your old version as your archive, don’t clutter up your PlanSwift 11 Jobs folder with old Jobs you no longer work on. Use the Check All and Check None buttons to make quick work of selecting or deselecting Jobs.

If, for some reason, a job you need isn’t on the list, but you know where it is stored on your machine, you can add it to your list using the Add Job by Browsing button. Navigate to where the Job file is stored and select it to add it to this list.

  • Click Next

The Templates to Import screen displays after a few seconds…

Templates often contain many sub-folders. Selecting a parent template selects everything inside automatically. You can also collapse folders using the arrows next to each folder or sub-folder to make navigating the list of templates easier.

Importing Templates can take some time. We recommend only importing the templates you actively use. Take this opportunity to clean up what might have been a cumbersome number of templates to look through daily and only import the ones you need and use regularly.

  • Once you’ve made your selections, click Next

The Ready to Import screen displays the number of jobs and templates selected in the previous steps.

If necessary, click the Back button to go back and make any adjustments.

Click Import Now.

Depending on how many jobs and templates you chose to import, this process could take a few seconds to several minutes.

Once complete, click the Finish button to close the Import Wizard.

We recommend that you review the newly imported Jobs and Templates to verify everything imported correctly.

If a Job or Template already exists in the version into which you are importing data, the new Job or Template will be appended with a suffix such as “_1” or “_2”.

Running the Import Wizard on Demand

You can run the Import Wizard anytime.

  • Click the PlanSwift button in the upper-left corner of the application and select Import Jobs and Templates to re-launch the Import Wizard.



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