01. Getting Started

Welcome to QuoteSoft Duct, the complete estimating software for contractors.

QuoteSoft Duct is the next generation estimating system and Quote Software offers the next generation of customer support. We are here to make your estimates easier!

This manual will give you a general overview of QuoteSoft Duct concept and structure, as well as detailed information on using QuoteSoft Duct.

If you’re having difficulty with any part of QuoteSoft Duct or if you have any ideas or comments please call 1-800-813-7020. Check our web site for additional information and technical support: www.quotesoft.com.

Kerry Brainard,


Quote Software Inc.

System Requirements



Intel i5-6200U 2.80 GHz

Memory (RAM)

8GB minimum

Free Disk Space

2.2 GB

Resolution1920 X 1080
Operating SystemWindows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro

For a full list of System Requirements please click here.

How to Install QuoteSoft Duct Server

Please call Quote Software’s technical support staff when you are ready to install:


Limited Warranty and Disclaimer

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