3. Saving Workspaces

Now that you have created the workspace you wish to have saved, it is time to name it and save it. This will allow you to recall this workspace when you need to. Or you can make it the default workspace that is always loaded when you return to the Job File.

Saved workspaces for the Job File are located in the Navigation menu on the left of the screen. The name and icon you give the workspace will show there.

To save your workspace:

  • Go to the ribbon menu and the View tab
  • Click on Save Workspace
  • Select Save new
  • Type a name for the workspace into the Label box
  • Click Set Image if you want an icon next to it in the navigation section of the Job File. We have stock icons for you at \QuoteSoft\DuctServer\Images\Icons
  • Click the OK button to have the workspace saved
  • It will now appear in the navigation section

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