07. Central Options File

The Central Options File is separated into pages dealing with options and settings for Takeoff, Main Menu, Pricing, and Program Architecture.

Any change in settings or options you make will apply to the entire system. All workstations will have their settings set by the Central Options File.

Takeoff Options

The Takeoff Options are settings that you can use to assist you in the process of inputting items into a Zone Takeoff.

Selecting options such as allowing the gauge to be changed or adjusted heavier will greatly reduce the chances for mistakes at the time of item entry.

Using these options in tandem with proper Takeoff training can speed up the input process as well as enable the Estimator to make fewer corrections.

Main Menu Options

You can either enter your own job numbers or enable the program to auto-assign job numbers. Click auto-assign for this function.

If you rarely need an Oval Pressure File loaded, you can choose to have the Oval selection set to “None” as a default. This would save you one extra step at the creation of a Zone Takeoff.

Setup Tip! Set the most common blueprint scale used to save you a step in Takeoff.

Pricing Options

Most Contractors will not use the Pricing Options section of the Central Options File. It is designed more so for the Fabricator Only company.

These options will allow you to have costs automatically adjusted for job size, spiral sizes and lengths, etc.

Architecture Options

The Architecture Options will allow you to create new Setup Files. Setup Files can be added for specific material types, locations of work, type of construction standards, etc.

One example would be to create a setup for your own Company specific construction standards and then create another for SMACNA standards. This would allow you to estimate a job either way, or use both in the same estimate.

Setup Tip! It is strongly recommended to call and get assistance with a Support Technician when adding or removing Setups.

Setup Exercises: Central Options File

As an exercise we will make a change in the Central Options File to have the program remember any changes we make to the default gauges, joints, sealers, etc. until we change them back.

Exercise 10: Modifying the program to remember changes to defaults

  1. From the Setup Menu, click the Central Options button to begin the exercise.
  2. On the Central Options File Menu, click the Takeoff Options.

  3. All of the Takeoff Options are numbered to make it easier to find the specific item you need. Please find option number 8 and check the box next to it.

  4. After checking number 8 you will have the option of disabling the specific components you wish to not allow the Estimators to change. For example, you might wish to allow them to adjust Joint, Sealer, and Seam but not allow a change to be made to the others. Simply uncheck those that you wish to remain the same as they are set up in the Pressure Files.
  5. Click Menu and then Exit to save your changes.

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