F. Data File - Hangers

The Hangers section of the Data File is separated by type, Rectangular and Round. Each type can have the same hanger name, but the cost and labor factors can be different so they are setup separately. Hanger connectors have their own page as well.

Hangers are broken up by their vertical, horizontal, and circumference portion where applicable. The hanger connectors page handles the upper connections. There are no limits to the number of hangers you can have setup.

Click New, Edit or Duplicate to modify the hanger information.

Name – the name of the hanger setup

Horizontal Info – input the name of the horizontal portion. Input the cost and quantity for the horizontal portion as well.

Vertical Info – input the name of the vertical portion. Input the cost and quantity for the vertical portion as well.

Each Assembly – The Each Assembly is the lower connection parts (screws, unistrut spring nuts, etc). Input the name of the each portion. Input the cost of the assembly.

Per Hanger Setup – Rectangular and Round

Click a hanger in the list and hit Edit to see the setup of the hanger pop up window.

Avg Drop (Ft) – the average hanger drop for your estimates.

Def Install Hrs – default hours of installation per hanger assembly.

Drop Growth (Ft) – the program will add the Labor Add % for every length in growth.

Labor Add % - for every growth in length apply this percentage.

Vert Allow (in) – vertical allowance (additional strap to bend under the duct)

Horiz Allow (in) – horizontal allowance (additional unistrut on each side of duct)

Fab / Foot Hrs – if you are fabricating the hanger strap and wish to include fab labor

Fab Each hrs – if you wish to have a flat fab labor hour added instead of per foot

Lbs Vert/Horz/Misc – weight of the vertical, horizontal, or each assembly portions

Available Connectors Setup

The list shown is from the Hanger Connectors page. Check the connectors you want available with this hanger assembly. Also select the default connector.

Hanger Connectors

Input the information for a single hanger connector. The program will multiply this by the quantity of vertical components.

Name – the name of the hanger connector

Cost – cost of one of the connectors

Install Labor – the time to install one connector

Fab Labor – the time required in the shop for the connector

Weight – the weight of the connector to be included in the duct, pipe, or fitting total pounds

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