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Error: PlanSwift was Expecting to Find...

As of PlanSwift version, a warning dialog was implemented to notify users of a potential issue that could cause problems if not corrected. This dialog reads as follows:

"PlanSwift was expecting to find the file {the files location path} but it seems to be missing. As a result, you may be missing information. Please check your results carefully."

In 90% of all cases, this affects users that have network storage locations. This is easily corrected. Here are the common causes for this:

  1. Users have manually added additional directories into the PlanSwift storage location. PlanSwift storage locations are managed locations from within PlanSwift. These locations MUST remain clean, and should not be accessed from Windows Explorer to add files.
  2. Power Failure: It is possible during a power failure or other Windows fault that the data.xml file may not have been written.
  3. Interrupted network connection: the data.xml file may not have been written.

In most instances, the user has added additional files or directories to the storage location manually. Simply moving those affected directories to an alternate location other than the PlanSwift Storage or removing the directories will stop the "missing data.xml" message from coming up.  If you are experiencing this with a valid job file, you can also move the specific job outside of the storage location.  In some cases, it is possible to replace the data.xml file for the job. You might try recreating the job in PlanSwift as a blank job, then transferring the data over to the job folder using File Explorer and merging the data. If you require any assistance, please contact technical support at 888-752-6794 Ext. 2. 

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