13. Templates

 The Templates section will take approximately 30 minutes.

Templates are the keys to setting up a job and getting into takeoff quickly.

Templates are used for various reasons:

  • Separating HVAC standards from Plumbing specs
  • Working for a specific client
  • Design Build for a specific owner
  • Maybe a specific Engineer
  • Small Sized Job
  • Medium Sized Job
  • Large Sized Job
  • Schools
  • Fit-up work
  • Renovations

The number of Templates you can have is unlimited. Each Template is nothing more than a job with certain Specifications, Assemblies and Job Items for the sole purpose of minimizing the set up to a new job. Items created within any job can be copied from any job including a template; therefore specs, assemblies, Job Items and even Zones can be copied.

This session will concentrate on setting up two templates for your company. The focus will be on setting up an HVAC and Plumbing Template which will contain the proper Specifications, Assemblies and Job Items for your company. While setting up these Templates, you will be taught how to have the program automatically select certain Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Flanges, Hangers, Joints, Assemblies, and Job Items for your projects. Also covered will be the basic management of your Specifications, including the copying to make a new Specification or Assembly.

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