14. Harrison Pricing

This session will help you set up Harrison’s E-Office. You will be taught how to do an initial load of pricing from E-Office.

 The Harrison Pricing section will take approximately 1 hour.

Exercise 55: Installing Data Updates

QuoteSoft Pipe supports pricing updates from the Harrison HPHQuick™ e-pricing system. Note that these updates are obtained directly from Harrison Publishing House via the Internet and require a separate contractual agreement between you and Harrison Publishing House.

To install Harrison pricing updates, you must specify the appropriate drive and directory to locate the update file. For Internet-based pricing, this is normally in “C:\Program Files\Harrison Publishing House\HPHQuick for Win 95-98” as illustrated below.

Once the file “Harrison.upd” is displayed, select OK to start the download.

Exercise 56: Search for Supplier Items and Codes

The Instructor will teach you how to search for supplier items and codes inside of E-Office.

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