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Pages Randomly Change Zoom Level


When viewing a plan, the page zoom changes randomly making it difficult or impossible to work on the page.

This appears to affect only certain PlanSwift users (predominantly PlanSwift 11) and has not been reproduced by our Quality Assurance team.


Here are a few things you can try.

Ctrl + Alt + Del

This should fix this issue, it works every time for Tech Support:

While PlanSwift is running/displaying the issue,

  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Del on your keyboard,

  • Then click Cancel

Fit Page

Try resetting the Page’s zoom by clicking “Fit Page” on the Home Tab.

To apply a more “permanent” fix, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Restart Your Computer

This is the first thing our techs will tell you to try because it solves a lot of issues, not just with PlanSwift, but with Windows and other applications. More often than not, restarting your computer, clearing memory and temp files, resolves odd behavior.

In fact, it is computer 101 “Best Practice” to restart your computer at the end of your day instead of just locking it and walking away.

Resetting Hotkeys

  • Open PlanSwift, but don't load any job or go into any job. (To do this, when the pop-up window for PlanSwift appears, hold "Alt" on your keyboard until it completely opens.)

  • Navigate to the Settings Tab.

  • Click on Keyboard Hotkeys on side bar.

PlanSwift Settings screen showing keyboard shortcuts with Zoom to Fit through Scroll Right highlighted
  • Starting with "Zoom to Fit", click on each hotkey and then hit "Delete" so that the "Primary" column shows "None".

  • Repeat this through "Scroll Right".

  • After doing this, restart PlanSwift and see if that has resolved the issue.

“Uninstall” but Don’t

  • Exit PlanSwift

  • Open Windows Settings

  • Choose Apps

  • Find PlanSwift 11 and click on it

  • Click Uninstall

  • When you are prompted to allow unins000.exe to make changes, click No (to cancel the uninstall process)

  • Reopen PlanSwift

You should no longer be stuck zooming.

Windows Updates

  • Open Windows Settings

  • Select Updates and Security

  • Check for and install all available Windows Updates

  • Reboot your computer

  • Check again for any additional Windows Updates

  • Launch PlanSwift

Unfortunately, some users have been unable to resolve this issue with PlanSwift 11. In that case, we recommend uninstalling PlanSwift 11 and re-installing PlanSwift 10.3.


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