D. Takeoff - Catalog Palette

The Catalog in QuoteSoft Duct is designed to hold all items that are not Rectangular or Round fabricated items. Items such as Equipment, Louvers, SnapLock Pipe and Fittings, and more.

The Catalog Palette uses Catalogs, Categories, Groups, and then Items to store your needed data.

Clicking a Catalog will then show you the available Categories within that selected Catalog. You can then click the Category to get to the Groups which will then show you the Items available in the group. Once you have an item selected, you can place the item on the plan file.

Checking the Autosize box on the top right will make the program select the correct size of item based off the last size used in Takeoff. For example, if you accept 10” diameter spiral pipe and click the Adjustable Elbow group, the 10” elbow will be selected for you.

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