Duct Assembled Option

In the Advanced Duct version 4.1.2 program, the Classic FabShop feature to quote straight duct as assembled or non-assembled is available. This option will allow the user to remove the assembly labor from all straight duct.

By default, the program will include duct assembly labor on all zones created. If the Assembled option is enabled the user can uncheck the option and upon recalculating the job total the assembly labor will be removed from the estimate. The labor values that will be removed are:

  • Seam Assembly Labor

  • Seam Seal Labor

  • Joint Attach Labor

  • Reinforcement Rod (side 1 and side 2) Attach Labor

  • Reinforcement Angle (side 1 and side 2) Attach Labor

The below articles are to be used to set up and modify the Assembled option


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