No Scale Flex Duct

New to Duct 4.0.8, the ability to click flex duct bookmark or from the catalog and edit the length, but still have a fitting stamp placed in Takeoff. This walk through will show a user how to duplicate a group and modify for this new feature.

Create or Duplicate Group

First, you must create a new group or duplicate one that is already setup.

  • Click Central Data button
  • Expand Setups
  • Expand your setup (Base)
  • Expand Catalogs
  • Click on Accessory Items Catalog and expand Snap Lock Items
  • Right click on a Flex already setup (Flex R6 for this example)
  • Choose Duplicate
  • Add No Scale to the end of the Group name
  • Change Units to Linear Feet
  • Select either Per Foot or Per Standard Length for Labor and Cost
    • This option switches BOTH Labor and Cost to either Per Foot or Per Std Length
  • Check the box for Non Scalable
    • This will allow editing the Length but not force you to scale the item
  • Click Save Changes
  • Now you can edit your pricing and labor as needed for the changes you made

Takeoff Non-Scalable Flex Duct

In Takeoff you can either use a Bookmark or the Catalog Palette for use of the new group.

To setup a Bookmark view this article

Using the Catalog Palette

  • Click on the Accessory Items Catalog and then Snap Lock Items
  • Click on the Group you created with duplicate (Flex R6 - No Scale)
  • Click on the size you need
  • Use the Entry Palette or Keyboard to enter in the desired length
  • Place the fitting stamp on the plan file

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