Report Groups

Classic Duct and Fabshop had the ACS Report Groups feature. This feature has been added to Advanced Duct in version 4.1.1 and is now called Report Groups. Users can setup groups, add catalog groups to them and get a single line export to excel for those groups.


  1. You will need support assistance to add the needed tabs to your company specific spreadsheet

  2. The group totals are static so formulas can be created for them to other sheets within your template

Setting up Report Groups

  1. Navigate to Configuration and then to the Central Options tab on the left

  2. Find the Report Groups section below

    1. Click New button and title your Report Group

    2. Continue adding Report Groups (items are added within the Catalog)

  3. Navigate to Central Data and then select the catalog group desired to assign to a Report Group

  4. Click Edit Group in the top ribbon menu

  5. Click the Select button in the Report Groups section and pick the desired Group

  6. Continue to assign Report Groups to your Catalog Groups

Viewing the Report Groups in Excel

  1. Run the QS Simple Recap or Duct Summary

  2. View the two Report Group tabs

    1. Static_RG tab will have the Report Groups in the same location ALWAYS

      1. Build formulas linking to this sheet only

    2. Dynamic_RG tab will remove the blank lines between Report Groups

      1. Do not build formulas linking to this sheet

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