Per Gauge Costing for Spiral Pipe and Fittings

Before enabling Per Gauge Costing on your Round Pressure Files it is recommended you read through this entire article. This feature will allow you to input purchase pricing on all round items in the pressure file by gauge. You can also disallow the gauges that you don't input pricing for.

How to Enable Per Gauge Costing

This feature is set per pressure file on the General Options page.

  • Open Central Data and click on Setups
  • Expand the Pressure Files folder
  • Expand the Round Folder
  • Expand the Pressure File you wish to setup as Per Gauge Costing
  • Click on the General Options page

On the page you'll see two check boxes. It is recommended to check both options for this feature.

  • Check to Allow Per Gauge Costing per item.
  • Check to disallow an item from being used in takeoff if a cost has not been associated with the size entered.

Once they are checked you will have the ability to enter pricing for all items per gauge.

  • Expand Items in the pressure file you have checked the Per Gauge Costing and Disallow item
  • Click on Spiral Pipe
  • There are now two tabs at the top of the item grid
    • Labor Factors
    • Gauge Costing
  • Click on Gauge Costing
  • You can now use Export and Import to push the grid out to excel, input your per diameter/per gauge costing and import back in

Using the setup above, and having the box checked to disallow a size/gauge combination that doesn't have an input price will protect the users from accepting items without a cost.

The user in takeoff will not be allowed to use 10" diameter pipe and change the gauge to 20ga as that field is 0.

This feature will allow you to export to excel each item and update the pricing and import it back in providing a per diameter and per gauge pricing structure for Takeoff use.

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